Rivertown Kids–My First Blog!

Beach Seining at Beczak

Welcome to the Rivertown Kids for the Environment blog.  Since I’m usually about 10 years behind the times, technologically speaking, it seems about right that I’m attempting my first blog now.  So please bear with me as I get started. 

In July of 2008, my friend Deann, environmental activist extraordinaire, and I launched Rivertown Kids of the Environment.  The mission of the fledging grassroots organization is to “foster a love of nature and stewardship of the earth in young children while building community among their families.”  Our goal was to provide opportunities for outdoor adventure and environmental advocacy for families in the Rivertowns–those wonderful, charming, small towns on the banks of the Hudson River just north of New York City. 

Our kick-off meeting, held at the Greenburgh Nature Center was promising.  Several families and a reporter and photographer from the Rivertowns Enterprise attended. (That the media thought us worthy of coverage made it feel very official!)  While the kids played with live turtles and snakes, the adults discussed our vision for the organization. 

During the ensuing months, I organized nature walks at Marshlands Conservancy and Teatown Lake Reservation, an outing to a beach seining activity at Croton Point Park and cycling along the South Trailway.  My e-mail list slowly grew (I added alot of my friends.)  The events were fun, but attendance was not what I had hoped.  Understandably, people (like our small family) were busy on weekends with errands, soccer, birthday parties and family obligations.  As a single mom with a full-time job, I wasn’t putting the time into the organization that it needed.  And yet… I still believe that there is a need, and a desire for families to connect with nature. And I believe I have something to say, if only to promote the activities of wonderful places in our area, let you know about our favorite camping spot, or rant about idling cars. 

So here we go!



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2 responses to “Rivertown Kids–My First Blog!

  1. David S.

    Congratulations and thank you! I’d like to know (from an experienced insider’s point of view) the details of various hikes, etc. Where to park, when’s the best time of year (e.g. Mountain Laurel season at Fahnestock), appropriate ages, unusual natural or manmade features to be seen, etc. It’s always good to get information about a new place from someone you trust!


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